August 18 @ Memeing the Void: A Workshop with Kristel Jax, Critical Femininities | Centre for Feminist Research, 1:30PM, Online. Register: here.


April 12 @ Public Sweat, Harbourfront Centre, Toronto [Brigitte Bardon't] w/ Andrew Noseworthy
February 26 @ DJ set at Bar Orwell, Toronto [DJ set] w/ Ada Vale, Così e Così, Pleopod

September 30 @ Sculpting with Sound [Ensemble w/ Kavi, thispatcher]
September 4 @ Sculpting with Sound, Virtual via CripRave, Toronto [Workshop]
August 24 - August 28 @ Art In The Open, Charlottetown, PEI [Hum Zine], special edition folding map printed in a limited edition of 100 copies available from Back Alley Music, The Bookmark, and the Confederation Centre Art Gallery.
July 15 - until zines run out @ Vector Festival, Toronto, Canada [Hum Zine], special edition folding map printed in a limited edition of 100 copies available from The Fix Coffee & Bikes, 80 Gladstone Ave. Performance: July 22, 7PM EST, Instagram feeds @humzine & @interaccessTO
April 10 @ Panel Discussion: Achieving Balance: Social Media & Mental Health in Music, Oshawa Music Week, Oshawa, Canada, 12 noon EST. Free online.
March 9 @ Panel Discussion: What is the nature of psychiatric auditory experience, SoundsAbout OTIUM + CTM Festival, Berlin, Germany, 12 noon EST. w/ Kim Wichera, Karin Jervert, Dr. Kristina Eichel, Dr Tom Rice. Free online. Watch

August 13 @ Parkdale Pirate Radio, 87.5FM, Parkdale, Toronto [Brigitte Bardon't radio set] 9 - 11PM
April 25 @ 24 Hour Drone At Home, [Brigitte Bardon't drone set as part of Canada Resonance Agency] (2pm EST), w/ Cares, Cetacea, Colin Fisher, Eternal Real World, Fog Spirits, Hensu, Marty Adem, Leucrocuta, Ylang Ylang
March 28 & April 4, 2020 @ Intuitive Experimental Field Recording, InterAccess, Toronto [Workshop]
February 20 @ Tranzac, Toronto [Brigitte Bardon't radio set] w/ Friendly Rich & the Flower City Tire Fire

December 2 @ Pest Fest Daniel Johnston Tribute, Hamilton [Brigitte Bardon't] w/ Myra Maines & more
November 30 @ Sala Rossa, Montreal [Brigitte Bardon't radio set] w/ Tati Au Miel, NPNP, & Jordan Torres Bussière
November 23 @ Brigitte Bardon't Radio Songs album release, Triple Triple Land, Toronto [Brigitte Bardon't radio set] w/ jes sachse, Esther Splett, Chris Worden
September 24 @ The Grand Gerrard, Toronto [Brigitte Bardon't] w/ Kayo Dot / Hunter Gatherer / Syzygy
August 28 @ Grandma’s Secret Spices 3, Handlebar, Toronto [Brigitte Bardon't collab with Xuan Ye]
August 25 @ Handlebar, Toronto [Brigitte Bardon't] w/ Black Dresses, Esther Splett, Body Rot
August 23 @ 5walls + InterGalactic HyperText: Tim Tsang meets Txgen Meyer,, [Kristel Jax]
June 7 @ InterAccess, 950 Dupont St., Unit 1, Toronto, 8-10PM - Register for free [Drone Therapy]
April 27 @ Moogfest, Black Box, The Fruit, 305 S Dillard St, Durham, NC, USA [Drone Therapy ft Dr. Heather Kim]
February 2 @ Defend the 11 Fundraiser, The Beguiling, Toronto [Brigitte Bardon't] w/ Hooded Fang, Moul D, tba
January 4 @ Long Winter, The Gladstone Hotel, Toronto [@dyingbutfine memes curated by jes sachse]

October 6 @ Sounds Like Festival, 4PM, Underground Cafe, 430 20th Street West, Saskatoon, SK [Brigitte Bardon't presents Drone Therapy]
October 6 @ Sounds Like Festival, 8PM, Le Troupe du Jour, 914 20th Street West, Saskatoon, SK [Brigitte Bardon't presents O/L] w/ Jean-Sébastien Truchy
September 18 @ True Stories Told Live, the Garrison, Toronto [live storytelling] w/ Rhiannon Archer, Jeanette Stock, Debra Deen Kirby, The Young Novelists
September 15 @ Venus Festival kick off, the Baby G, Toronto [panelist on health in the arts] w/ Max Mohenu, Ansley Simpson, Kristel Jax, and Rachel Romu
August 25 @ i wanna dance with some body daytime disco, Jes Sachse sculptures, terrace, Gardiner Museum, Toronto [Brigitte Bardon't presents Infinite Poolside] w/ New Chance
August 18 @ Up Here Festival, Sudbury, ON [Brigitte Bardon't presents Drone Therapy Festival] w/ NISA/Northern Initiative for Social Action Initiative du Nord pour l'action sociale
1 - 8PM @ NISA, 32 Elgin St. (Performances: 1-3PM, 6-8PM, installation & NISA accessible 1-8PM)
July 28 2018 @ Coalition, Toronto [Brigitte Bardon't] w/ Dreadnought, Gates, Experiment Specimen
July 20 2018 @ Strangewaves, Paris, ON [Brigitte Bardon't] w/ Pharmakon, Ramzi, LSDxoxo, Michael Rault, Human Nun
June 13 2018 @ Suoni Per Il Popolo Festival x No Exist, La Vitrola, Montreal [Brigitte Bardon't]
May 26 2018 @ CJLO1690AM, SenderReceiver & Weird Canada present Drone Day, Loyola Chapel, Montreal [Brigitte Bardon't] w/ AIM LOW, Piith, Kyoto est Mort, Così e Così, +
May 3 2018 @ Pest Fest, DDL, Toronto [Brigitte Bardon't's Infinite Poolside - DJ]
April 18 2018 @ Skylark Social Club, Charlotte, NC, USA [Brigitte Bardon't]
March 24 2018 @ Quiet Bedrooms 7, DDL, Toronto, w/ Forest Management, Philippe Vandal, Dame Cook [Brigitte Bardon't + Hexzuul quiet set]
February 24 2018 @ Long Winter, Workman Arts, 651 Dufferin St, Toronto [Brigitte Bardon't presents Drone Therapy]

December 8 2017 @ Ctrl+Shift, Session #2, InterAccess, Toronto, w/ Witch Prophet, Cindy Li, Carmen Elle
November 28 2017 @ Smiling Buddha, Toronto, w/ Erath, Natural Violence, AC [Brigitte Bardon't Sherl Lee Scream]
November 18 2017 @ Feast in the East, Matt Durant Studio, Toronto, w/ Off World + Egyptrixx + New Chance [Brigitte Bardon't]
October 28 2017 @ Invisible City Record Shop, Toronto, w/ Michael K Newton, Euro Trash Yash, Dretraxx, and Francis Inferno Orchestra [Infinite Poolside Hallowen Splishsplash]
September 29 2017 @ FPOP & EE x The ebar, Guelph, w/ Anamai, Natural Thirst [Brigitte Bardon't]
September 22 2017 @ DDL, Toronto, w/ Trnsgndr/vhs, Così e Così, Girls Rituals [Brigitte Bardon't]
September 9 2017 @ Coalition, Toronto, w/ Couch Slut, Show of Bedlam, IRN, Noose Talk [Brigitte Bardon't]
August 27 2017 @ Osypa EP release, Handlebar, Toronto, w/ Osypa, James Gray [Brigitte Bardon't]
Saturday, August 5 & Sunday, August 6, 12-3PM, 2017 @ Electric Eclectics Festival, Meaford, ON [Brigitte Bardon't presents Drone Therapy Festival]
July 16 2017 @ Xuan Ye CD release, Tranzac, Toronto, w/ Xuan Ye, Zoë Alexis-Abrams & Johnny Spence, Heraclitus Akimbo & Jason Doell, DJ New Chance [Brigitte Bardon't presents Drone Therapy Lite]
June 8 2017 @ Canniball, ДДЛ, Toronto, Bonnie Trash EP Release Party w/ Myra Maines, Sea Beau [Brigitte Bardon't]
May 30 2017 @ ДДЛ, Toronto w/ 185668232, Fleshtone Aura + Julia Male, Xuan Ye + David Jones [Brigitte Bardon't DJ set]
May 20 2017 @ Briefcasefest, Cinecycle, Toronto [Brigitte Bardon't]
April 25, 2017 @ Audiopollination #53.2 featuring Heraclitus Akimbo (Joe Strutt), Array Space, Toronto [Brigitte Bardon't radio improv with Joe Strutt & Allison Cameron]
April 15, 2017 @ Doom Tickler album release, email for location, Toronto [Brigitte Bardon't DJ set]
April 9, 2017 @ CHANNEL no.3.2, The Steady, Toronto, w/ Roarke Menzies, Xuan Ye, Hexzuul, Inchoate [Infinite Poolside DJ]
April 8, 2017 @ Kazoo! Festival x CHANNEL, Kazoo! HQ, Guelph, ON, w/ Roarke Menzies, Xuan Ye, Hexzuul [Brigitte Bardon't presents O / L]
April 6, 2017 @ Kazoo! Festival, Kazoo! HQ, Guelph, ON: Brigitte Bardon'ts Infinite Poolside presents ‘Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story’ ft Hexzuul [Infinite Poolside A/V]
March 31, 2017 @ Array Space w/ Puce Mary, E-Saggila, Passion Altar [Brigitte Bardon't]
March 9 - April 2 2017 @ Reciprocal Encounter, Bunker2, Toronto - Exhibit for art book & cassette curated by Tori Maas [Brigitte Bardon't split cassette installation with NONSWIMMER]
February 10, 2017 @ The Baby G, Toronto w/ Egyptrixx, Hexzuul + Philip Baljeu, Open Fortress, Xuan Ye [Brigitte Bardon't]
February 12, 2017 @ Posi Vibez Be Yr Own Valentine, HAVN, Hamilton [Brigitte Bardon't]
January 19, 2017 @ Channel N°2, Toronto Katzman Contemporary, Toronto [Infinite Poolside presents Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story + panelist for less than three: conversation on artist health and well-being with]

November 12 @ 2104 Dundas St West, Toronto [Brigitte Bardon't collab w/ Inchoate]
October 22 @ The Baby G Toronto w/ Kayo Dot, Gates, HX KY [Brigitte Bardon't]
October 6 @ Bridging Worlds: live interview with composer Allison Cameron, Canadian Music Centre, Toronto [Interviewer]
September 29 @ FORMS Festival, BLK BOX, Toronto w / Laurel Halo, Kara-Lis Coverdale, Jeremy Gara [Brigitte Bardon't]
October 1 @ Awesome New Stuff, Belljar Cafe, Toronto w/ Jowita Bydlowska, Graham Nicholas [Reading]
September 17 @ Toronto Women in Music, Toronto [Brigitte Bardon't]
September 1 @ Dream Mansion, Toronto [Brigitte Bardon't]
July 24 @ EW Reading Series @ Big On Bloor, Brock & Bloor, Toronto[Reading]
July 10 @ NASA (Noise Against Sexual Assault) Double Double Land, Toronto (Brigitte Bardon't ft. Slowpitch) w/ Baby Cages, Doom Tickler, APA, Hexzuul
July 9 @ It’s Not U It’s Me @ The Power Plant Gallery, Toronto w/ Claude Young, DJ Stingray, Rick Wilhite, Volvox, Avalon Emerson, Gingy, CL, Haf, Adam Khan, Dustin Good & Butr, Joel Eel, BSMNT, Burglar, Viscera, Hudson Alexander, Edna King, Emissive
[Brigitte Bardon't - Infinite Poolside]
June 24 @ Insiders vs Outsiders Panel, TCML, Canadian Music Centre, Toronto [Moderator]
May 28 @ National Drone Day: Drone Therapy The Music Gallery [Curator]
April 5 @ Track Could Bend Anniversary, Dundas Video, Toronto [Brigitte Bardon't]
April 29 @ Silver Dollar Room, Toronto w/ Bile Sister, Jo Passed, Baby Cages [Brigitte Bardon't]
March 19 @ 765 Old East Bar, London w/ Nick Persons, Reptilian Brain Cage [Brigitte Bardon't]
March 18 @ Long Winter, Great Hall, Toronto [Brigitte Bardon't - Infinite Poolside]
February 11 @ 1976: MG Birthday Party Fundraiser, The Music Gallery, Toronto w/ Prince Nifty [Brigitte Bardon't]
February 9 @ EW Reading Series @ Duffy's Tavern, Toronto [Reading]
January 29 @ 1161 Dundas West, Toronto Drone Therapy 101) w/ Bodies That Matter, Khôra, Babel [Brigitte Bardon't - Drone Therapy]
January 23 @ Bands Play Bowie, The Old Laurel, Toronto [Brigitte Bardon't - Infinite Poolside]
January 12 @ CHANNEL, Katzman Contemporary, Toronto w/ Doom Tickler, Burglar [Brigitte Bardon't - O / L]

December 12 @ 8-11, Toronto (Brigitte Bardon't) w/ Drew McDowall, Coarse Language
December 11 @ Baltimore House, Hamilton (Brigitte Bardon't) w/ PEERS, Grey \ Water, Jeremy Sklad
October 5 @ Casa del Popolo, Montreal (Brigitte Bardon't) w/ APA, Hexzuul
September 17 @ Dundas Video, Toronto (Brigitte Bardon't) w/ Jib Kidder, Joanne Pollock, Moon McMullin
September 10 @ Pool's Closed, TRP, Toronto (Brigitte Bardon't - Infinite Poolside) live collaboration w/ Jason Doell [Listen]
August 20 @ Burdock, Toronto (Brigitte Bardon't) w/ Manticore, Castle If
August 18 @ Crescent Fort Rouge United Church, Winnipeg (Brigitte Bardon't) w/ Gygax, Joanne Pollock, Cold Catcher
August 1 @ Electrics Eclectics Festival, Meaford w/ Mykki Blanco, B L A C K I E, The Moth, Nihilist Spasm Band, Soupcans, Special Costello, Baby Cages, Whoop-Szo, Amphibian Lark
June 14 @ Sound Séance Festival, Geary Lane, Toronto (Brigitte Bardon't radio drone set)
June 2 @ Track Could Bend, Dundas West Video, Toronto. [Recording] [Video]

September 4 @ Holy Oak, Toronto (Brigitte Bardon't) w/ DJ Breezes n’ Gloctor Glock
August 16 @ HPR, Tranzac (Brigitte Bardon't) w/ Lovecraft, Colonol Cinnamon

Previous dates to be added

Other Appearances

Panelist: September 15 2018 Venus Festival kick off, the Baby G, Toronto [panelist on health in the arts] w/ Max Mohenu, Ansley Simpson, Kristel Jax, and Rachel Romu

Panelist, less than three: conversation on artist health and well-being, with Dr. Chase McMurren and Brendan Arnott, Channel N°2, Toronto,

Moderator, criticality: conversation on the relationship between artist and critic, panelists: Rea McNamara, Chloë Lum, Channel N°2, Toronto,

Bridging Worlds: live interview with composer Allison Cameron | Canadian Music Centre 2016

August 10, 2016 Social Anxiety in the Arts Community Panel @ SummerWorks 2016, w/ Halloway Jones, Kurt Marble, Moderated by Adam Bradley

Outsiders and Insiders or…what are my needs?, what are my resources? panel moderator| TCML @ Canadian Music Centre 2016

Meet the Press panelist | Megaphono 2016

Norma Beecroft live interview @ Book Launch: Conversations with Post World War II Pioneers of Electronic Music | Canadian Music Centre 2015

The Toronto Music Moment | Exclaim 2015