I write about the arts and soft cultural phenomena for various publications with a focus on DIY culture, kitsch, and the line between underground culture and mainstream consumption.

Most of my current writing is on Patreon.


**If you want any Chart Attack piece contact me, the site is gone. I'll try to put up some pdfs eventually.

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Weird Canada: How to Communicate With Media About Your Music

Ballast: What to Expect When Trying to Live Your Life in the Woods
(ebook: Northern Conversations: The Best of Ballast)

Electronic Beats: The Beast Within: an interview with Asian Women on the Telephone

Ballast: Two People Discuss the Creative Power of Spreadsheets

Stylus: .RU: Underground tweenoise masters in the post-USSR.

**If you want any Chart Attack piece contact me, the site is gone. I'll put up pdfs eventually.