I'm a Canadian writer and artist based in Toronto. My work includes sound, video, photography, writing, and illustration. I currently perform music as Brigitte Bardon't, a project that includes longterm project O / L and mixtape series Infinite Poolside. In my Youtube series Noise Haul and Drone Therapy, I produce "parody" haul videos and self help vlogs. My photo diary, Forever, began over ten years ago and continues today. As a visual artist I make comics and illustrations. I write fiction and work as a writer publishing non fiction writing on the subjects of DIY culture and kitsch.

Until 2013 I toured and recorded as part of experimental music duo Alpha Couple. For one year I co-ran Freud's Bathhouse & Diner, a DIY art space in Winnipeg. Before that I was editor of Syphilitic Mermaids Magazine, an online arts magazine, and publisher at micro presses Syphmag & IT3.

I spent almost a decade riding Greyhounds and sleeping on couches, floors, and above doors. I now live and work in Toronto, my home on and off for the past ten years, with my mini pug Lana.

brigitte bardont